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Energy Industry News Releases Reports Green Star Alternative Energy (GSAE) Targeting a Significant Opportunity to Supply Growing Energy Markets

(EMAILWIRE.COM, September 04, 2008 ) San Diego, California - Green Star Alternative Energy is working to develop more than 300 MW of new wind power by 2013. The pending acquisition of Serbian wind power and energy trading companies Notos and Sirius Regulus will enable Green Star to establish a significant foothold in the clean energy market. The Notos Wind division’s 20 MW Belo Blato wind farm is progressing through the final stages prior to construction, with a completed feasibility study and permits in process. The company expects to be revenue positive this year, projecting an estimated $2,070,347 in revenue for Q4 2008 from the Notos Power Trading division.

Green Star Alternative Energy, Inc. is engaged in developing clean energy from the power of wind. The company is targeting a significant opportunity to supply growing energy markets in the Republic of Serbia and surrounding European nations. To drive growth and revenue Green Star is focused on the development of wind energy, the import and export of electricity, the cultivation of agriculture on its wind farms, and the supply of greenhouse gas emission credits. The company recently announced the execution of a letter of intent to acquire Notos d.o.o. and Sirius Regulus d.o.o., privately owned wind energy development, power trading and land ownership companies. With the acquisition Green Star will effectively become the first organization to develop wind energy in Serbia, beginning with the 20 MW Belo Blato wind farm. Upon completion of the acquisition Green Star will also become one of only a few companies licensed to trade electrical power into and out of Serbia, and the only company in Serbia able to generate and export its own wind energy.

Renewable energy is scaling up to meet rising demand. Growth in the wind power industry is surging. Wind energy will increasingly fill new power requirements and replace a growing share of expensive, environmentally depleting carbon-based energy generation in power grids worldwide. Green Star Alternative Energy is emerging at the center of the clean energy storm, offering shareholders a unique opportunity to participate in this important sector on a global scale.

Green Star Alternative Energy is executing a smart, well planned growth strategy that incorporates multiple revenue drivers. The company expects the Notos Power Trading division to be revenue-positive by year-end, projecting revenue of approximately $2,070,347 for Q4 2008. The Notos Wind division is working to develop a 20 MW wind farm in Serbia’s Belo Blato, with a development goal of more than 300 MW of new wind energy through acquisitions and expansion. There is excellent potential for Green Star Alternative Energy to catch a major updraft in the rising global market for wind power.

Record-high oil prices, increasing energy demand, escalating energy security concerns, finite fossil fuel supplies and rising greenhouse gas emissions are fueling a significant shift in the global energy economy toward alternative energy. Governments, businesses, consumers and investors are taking action to transition to a cleaner, smarter energy mix—one that leverages renewable resources and indigenous supplies. In 2007 revenues from wind, solar, biofuels and fuel cells increased 40% to $77.3 billion, according to research from Clean Edge.

Wind energy is clean, renewable, emissions-free, cost competitive and abundant, and it has become a driving force in the world’s energy markets. The European Wind Energy Association reports that over 20,000 megawatts (MW) of new wind power was installed globally in 2007 to reach a total of 94,122 MW. According to the Global Wind Energy Council the wind market is now worth an estimated $36 billion in new generating equipment.

Key Investment Highlights
 Green Star Alternative Energy is engaged in generating clean, profitable, secure and renewable energy from wind.
 The company is working to bring 300 MW of new wind power online by 2013.
 Green Star has an LOI in place to acquire key Serbian wind power and energy trading companies Notos and Sirius Regulus. Notos has a 20 MW wind power project under development, extensive local contacts and government authorization to import and export electricity.
 With the acquisition Green Star will become one of only 15 companies licensed to buy and sell energy to and from Serbia and the only company able to generate and sell its own wind energy.
 The company has identified a tremendous niche opportunity in the Republic of Serbia. Serbia’s national energy policy calls for the development of renewable resources for power generation. Renewables make up only a tiny fraction of the country’s energy supply, with the majority of power generated by burning coal. Today hydropower is the only clean energy source utilized.
 Green Star is working to become the first developer of wind power in Serbia.
 New global investments in energy technologies—including venture capital, project finance, public markets, and research and development—expanded by 60% last year, from $92.6 billion in 2006 to $148.4 billion in 2007, according to research firm New Energy Finance.
 Government policies are driving the adoption of renewable energy. This year the EU issued a directive to boost overall consumption of renewable energy from 8.5% today to 20% by 2020. In the United States, where cumulative installations of wind power grew 45% in 2007, more than 30 states have adopted renewable portfolio standards (RPS).
 Europe has embraced wind power. Since 2000, 30% of all installed electricity generating capacity in the EU has been wind power. Wind energy more than quadrupled from 13 GW to 57 GW by the end of 2007. {European Wind Energy Association (EWEA), “Pure Power”, March 2008}
 The global market for wind turbines grew by approximately 30% last year to 20,000 MW. European companies continue to lead the market, estimated at nearly $38 billion. (EWEA, March 2008)
 World marketed energy consumption is projected to increase by 50% by 2030. Worldwide, the consumption of renewable energy is expected to nearly double, increasing 2.1% per year from 35 quadrillion Btu to 59 quadrillion Btu in 2030. (US Department of Energy, “International Energy Outlook 2008”, June 2008)
 Economic growth in Serbia continues at a healthy clip. Serbia’s GDP grew by an estimated 7.5% in 2007 over the previous year, and stood at $44 billion. GDP is expected to grow between six and six and a half percent in 2008. (US Department of Commerce, Country Commercial Guide 2008)
 Green Star’s wind power projects will enable the company to sell greenhouse gas emissions credits. The global carbon emissions trading market grew 80% in 2007 to reach $60 billion. (Point Carbon, "Carbon 2008", March 16, 2008)

Companies operating in the booming wind energy sector are thriving. Western Wind Energy Corp. (TSX-V: WND) announced record revenues of $2,145,874 and net earnings of $2,904,631 or $0.10 per share for the 2nd Quarter ending June 30, 2008. Quanta Services (NYSE: PWR), another profitable wind play, is up nearly 24% YTD. Jim Cramer recently highlighted Trinity Industries Inc. (NYSE: TRN), trading around $36, as a dynamic wind business with a huge backlog. Bill Gates’ first quarter personal stock holdings included Otter Tail Corp. (NASDAQ: OTTR), which is up 15% YTD. Danish wind turbine manufacturer Vestas Wind Systems (VWS.CO) is up 15.3% this year in dollar terms, after gaining 167.8% last year. Broadwind Energy (Other OTC: BWEN.OB) has posted impressive gains, rising nearly 50% over the past year.

Multiple Revenue Drivers
Green Star is developing multiple revenue streams. With the acquisition of Notos, Green Star will drive revenue through power trading, the generation and sale of electricity from wind power, the sale of GHG emissions credits, and the sale of farmed goods.

Notos Wind Division
Notos Wind specializes in producing electricity from wind. With its strategic plan and business alliances in place, Notos is preparing for construction of its first wind farm, the 20 MW Belo Blato project. Additional projects in the Vojvodina AP region are being evaluated.

For the Belo Blato wind farm the company has secured 89 hectares permitted for wind power and agriculture located north of Belgrade in the river delta of central Banat in the municipality of Zrenjanin within Vojvodina AP. The site hosts some of the most constant winds in the region. The requisite permit applications have been made and a feasibility study has been completed.

The Belo Blato project is being developed to:
• Produce 20 MW of clean wind power, supplying 6,000 homes
• Enable the sale of carbon credits
• Leverage existing infrastructure and power markets
• Supply the growing energy markets of Serbia and surrounding European countries
• Establish the company as a leader in renewable energy generation in the region
• Help reduce greenhouse gas emissions
• Create local employment
• Contribute to local community development
• Maximize use of the wind farm’s land to grow wheat for the local community
• Demonstrate the potential for renewable energy development

According to the company Vojvodina AP offers excellent potential for wind energy production. Nearly two-thirds of its surface area features wind speeds exceeding 4 m/s. The Pannonian Plain, north of the Danube, covers approximately 2000 square kilometres and is suitable for the construction of wind generators with the basic infrastructure, from roads to the electricity grid, already in place. The prerequisite constant level of 5 m/s can be found in several locations: Bela Crkva, Indija, Irig, Sombor, Novi Sad, Vrsac, and Zrenjanin.

Notos Power Trading Division
Notos Power Trading is one of only a few electricity marketing and trading companies licensed to conduct business in Serbia. The country’s electricity market allows for both the import and export of power. The Serbian trading industry is assessed at 10 TW (terawatts = billion kilowatts), with 70% for imports and 30% available for exports.

Authorized power traders operate via a bid process conducted by the state owned utility Elektroprivreda Srbije, EPS. EPS issues a public tender for the desired quantity of electricity to be purchased or sold, and licensed entities submit their proposals.

The company is currently negotiating with several large energy trading firms in Europe to expand its network of potential customers. A European partnership would enable a more rapid expansion of activities and create a larger platform for Notos Wind and its generated electricity. Green Star expects to become the only company in Serbia producing its own wind energy available for export.

Notos Agri Division
Notos Agri maximizes use of the company’s wind farm land assets by producing and selling farmed goods. The division will develop a wheat farm on its 89 hectare Belo Blato site.

The agricultural sector contributed about 22% to Serbia's gross domestic product (GDP) in 2007. Agricultural exports continued to grow and contributed about 19% of total Serbian exports in 2007. Serbia's total agricultural exports were estimated at $1,690 million, an increase of 33% over the previous year, with agricultural trade surplus reaching an all time record of $574 million this year. Serbia's agricultural exports consisted mostly of sugar, corn, wheat, fruits and vegetables. Most of Serbia's agricultural and food exports went to former Yugoslav Republics, including Montenegro, Macedonia and Bosnia-Herzegovina and the European Union (EU). (US Department of Commerce, Country Commercial Guide 2008)

Agriculture has historically been the mainstay of Serbia’s economy with cropland occupying nearly two-thirds of its territory. Land and climate conditions are highly conducive to the development of agriculture. The principal area of commercial agriculture is the Vojvodina region and adjacent lowlands south of the Sava and Danube rivers, including the valley of the north-flowing Morava River. The economy of Vojvodina is based on the abundant wealth of fertile arable land which covers 84 percent of its area. Its natural fertility is improved by an extensive irrigation network.

With the Belo Blato wind project Green Star will become the first company to develop wind power in Serbia and answer the government’s call for increased renewable energy.

Significant Untapped Opportunity in Serbia
The Republic of Serbia is located in the central part of the Balkan Peninsula, on the most important route linking Europe and Asia, occupying an area of 88,361 sq. km. Serbia is known as the cross-roads of Europe. The international roads and railways passing down its river valleys make up the shortest link between Western and Central Europe, on the one side, and the Middle East, Asia and Africa, on the other.

According to the US Department of State’s Background Note updated March 2008, Serbia's economic progress is substantial, with output up nearly 46% since 2000. The stable dinar, a budget surplus, and a restructured financial sector all demonstrate the success of stabilization policies. The short-term economic outlook for Serbia is positive, but enterprise restructuring and unemployment remain major challenges.

Growth in 2007 was a healthy 7%. Through September of 2007, due to continued central bank policy to target inflation, the inflation rate averaged 7.4%. The increase in industrial production of 3.7% in 2007 followed a strong 2006 performance.

Serbia has moved up 27 spots to claim the 68th place in the 2007 World Bank and International Finance Corporation’s “Doing Business” report, which ranked 175 world economies based on the ease of setting up businesses and obtaining licenses, along with the complexity of tax and regulatory issues. (US Department of Commerce, Country Commercial Guide 2008)

Serbia's economic team views foreign capital as vital to restructuring and has demonstrated its committed to removing barriers and facilitating investor interest. The former Yugoslav Law on Foreign Investments (January 2002), amended and formally incorporated into Serbian law (2003), establishes the framework for investment in Serbia. The law eliminates previous investment restrictions; extends national treatment to foreign investors; allows the transfer/repatriation of profits and dividends; provides guarantees against expropriation; and allows customs duty waivers for equipment imported as capital-in-kind. In order to attract FDI, Serbia developed a range of incentives for investors in 2006, including cash grants for investments resulting in significant job creation, as well as tax incentives in the form of credits, reductions in payroll contributions and reduced corporate tax rates. (US Department of Commerce, “Country Commercial Guide 2008”)

Energy Policy
The current Serbian Energy Policy sets out three crucial elements of sustainable development: competitive energy markets, environment protection, and energy efficiency and use of renewable sources. Energy Law was adopted by the National Assembly of Serbia on July 22, 2004 and entered into force on August 1, 2004.

The institutions founded according to this Law are the Energy Agency of The Republic of Serbia (SEA), the Energy Efficiency Agency of The Republic of Serbia (SEEA), and the Energy Association.

Serbian energy policy includes the following objectives:
• Creation of transparent, attractive and stable conditions for investments into building, revitalization and upgrading of energy-related facilities and systems, as well as creation of conditions for their connection to energy systems of other countries
• Stimulation of use of renewable energy sources
• Stimulation of environment protection
• Decentralization of rights and responsibilities in planning and execution of development programs in the energy sector

Serbia’s Renewable Energy Potential
According to the Serbian Ministry of Mining and Energy, Serbia’s endowment of renewable energy resources is substantial but the realization of its clean energy potential is in its infancy.

In 2007 Serbia produced 8.796 Mtoe and imported 6.139 Mtoe. Renewables made up only 5.6% of the country’s primary energy supply. All of the renewable energy (9,928 GWh) was produced by hydro power plants. There are currently no wind power projects producing energy. (Republic of Serbia – Ministry of Mining and Energy, “Renewable Energy Sources”, May 2008).

Alternative energy generation is a priority for the Republic of Serbia. The Serbian Energy Efficiency Agency is designated by the government to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy. The country is finalizing a host of legal regulations to promote investment in renewable energy. These include the definition of renewable producers as privileged power producers, guaranteed grid access for privileged power producers through obligation of local distribution companies to purchase all the electricity produced from renewable sources, amendments to energy law, feed in tariffs, and standardized power purchase agreements. (Republic of Serbia – Ministry of Mining and Energy, “Renewable Energy Sources”, May 2008).

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